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The Pantry—Its History and Modern Uses was published in May 2007 by Gibbs Smith, Publisher and is now available through this website:

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Hardcover; 8.5 x 8.5 in; 96 pages; 75 color photographs
ISBN #1-4236-0004-5

View a slideshow of photos by Susan Daley and Steve Gross, featured in the book.

Chances are you either have an old pantry in your home or one in your memory. Or, you want to create an old-style pantry and are not sure where to go for ideas or information. In this recession-weary world, pantries are making a comeback because they are their own place to store additional foodstuffs or canned goods, whether bought or put up yourself. They also provide assurance that you have a space for everything and everything in its place.

Written by Catherine Seiberling Pond, The Pantry—Its History and Modern Uses includes principal photography by Susan Daley and Steve Gross and images from their archive of historic kitchens. The book is also illustrated with vintage images about American pantries and includes select quotations from primary and literary sources.

The Pantry throws open the doors of an interesting utilitarian space, revealing its historical evolution and nostalgic memories, as well as design inspirations and style tips for a pantry of your own. An unprecedented history and design book of an important domestic place, it includes chapters on:

“In those good old days we used to have pantries and china closets and butteries and all that sort of thing, and people were contented.”

—Eugene Field, The House, 1896

The Pantry–Its History and Modern Uses by Catherine Seiberling Pond remains the only design book about the history and use of the pantry in the American home. Illustrated with over 75 images, this hard bound book with its pantry lore, history and ideas will inspire any homeowner or kitchen person. At $11.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling (media mail, padded mailer and delivery confirmation), it makes a fine and affordable gift in these leaner times but it still comes bursting with ideas and inspiration. It also has just enough nostalgic longing to warm any hearth and home.

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